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Liz F.

I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-25, 9 years ago.

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Relocated from Va Beach, VA April 2008 with my Hubby :0) Love reading, photography, crafts and running my mouth with friends!

latest comments

Had to share - 8 years ago

OMG! hilarious, I must share this!

Chinex - 8 years ago

Man, for real???? That sucks!! They should go aheahd and just close the whole friggin' "small" down now. No one is going to go. That was the ONLY chinese place the hubby and I liked. Boo to the health...

Sad.... - 8 years ago

I agree with letting those in charge take care of it and let it be. Barbara, who put you in charge? If your not in anyway then get off your high horse and quit acting like a friggin' moderator when y...

do u believe? - 8 years ago

At first I didn't see it and then I replayed it and I saw it! Holy cow! I do not beleive that we are the only beings in this universe. It makes it hard sometimes to believe such videos though with all...

Dieting question? - 8 years ago

I actually started counting calories about a month ago and have lost 8lbs already! I tried weight watchers for over a year and only lost 10 lbs!!! What works for one person does not always for another...

Flu vaccine - 8 years ago

Man...people are already getting the dang flu to. I don't know if I am going to hop on the H1N1 vaccine train but I was hoping to get the vaccine already for the regular strain. Your right Brenda. Tal...

Flu vaccine - 8 years ago

Does anybody know if the regular flu vaccine is available on base yet? My husband says no but I find this hard to believe!

Help with my dog - 8 years ago

I have crate trained all my dogs. It is not cruel as long as that is not where they are mainly kept. You do not want to make them live as if they are in a pet store. My dogs have learned to love their...

New movies review - 8 years ago

I am a total dork but great for the kiddos and I enjoyed it ( I dont even have kids! LOL) all 3 High School Musicals. The music is not so bad either! LOL and I am 28 years old!

New movies review - 8 years ago

District 9 is a really good movie! I hate paying the 8 bucks to go to a theater and see movies but this was worth it!

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