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Jennifer Edwina

I joined this crazy place on 2008-11-28, 9 years ago.

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I am in love with my husband of 5 years. God sent me angel from above. Her name is Angie. I am loner born and raised here in NM. I am moving to NY forever...at least i hope forever. They always say people who lived here there whole lives always come back..I hope i don't add to the statistic

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I miss NM - 9 years ago

I haven't had any Chile at all here. I miss it and i cant wait til i come home and visit in January. There is Mexican restaurants but they dont look good from the outside. lol

Has anyone felt like you and your hubby are drifting apart? - 9 years ago

For some reason me and my husband of 5 years are not getting along. Is it because he just got out the military? I don't know what is going on, but we have gotten to the point where we don't even talk...

I miss NM - 9 years ago

I dont know why it is expensive here. But since there is nothing but fresh food it is expensive. And before we can start a business we need an education so my husband is going to school. And i am the ...

I miss NM - 9 years ago

Hi morgan! Yea it takes 30 min to get to Kingston, which has every freakin store you need. Its like el paso but smaller. NYC is like 90 miles away. But once you spend 6o bucks on gas to get there...

I miss NM - 9 years ago

I don't live in the city. I live in country. NYC is just a speck on the map. The whole NY state is made for agriculture. There nothing but farms and lakes.

I miss NM - 9 years ago

I just moved to NY and i miss NM so much! Is it because I am homesick? Or is because I grew up in small and knew everyone? It has its pros and cons. There is alot to do here, but I have to work to mak...

Jon and Kate - 9 years ago

I'm sorry this many seem mean to some people and some people may not agree with me. But i do not think Jon was spiteful for cheating. People cheat when they are not happy. I know this is hard for some...

Is there anyone that doesn't have military insurance benefits but has civilian? - 9 years ago

My husband has family in NY and that is where he is from. I just wish it was nt so expensive. My husband has a millionaire mindset so he doesn't worry about moving and making it. He just know he will ...

So I - 9 years ago

thanks that is awesome

Jon and Kate - 9 years ago

Yea he just being dumb but i dont think his kids are in harm. He is a great dad. He cheated that's that. There is no need for her to be spiteful its immature

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