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I joined this crazy place on 2009-08-13, 9 years ago.

» save Keli as my FRIEND - HOSER

Im 19 just moved here almost 3 months ago. Moved here from South dakota! I have a wonderful boyfriend thats in the airforce!

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Work Related Rant - 9 years ago

On the weekdays we stop serving at 10 and on the weekends we stop serving at 10:30!! Leah i hope mike is doing better and i hope u didnt take what i said serious cuz i was just joking about it and giv...

How Stupied!!! - 9 years ago

Im just not going to deal with them anymore i went and got a new car at amigo auto sales today so were just going to give the car back and be done with them!!!

How Stupied!!! - 9 years ago

I know thats what i was saying but the guy said that the guy that sold us the car sold it to us illegally so thats why there takeing it back

How Stupied!!! - 9 years ago

About a month and a half ago i went to las cruses with my boyfriend and he got me a car so that i could get back and forth to work and he had his own car!! We got a thing in the mail monday from the b...

Ugh... So much stress! - 9 years ago

Just talk to James!! I talked to him about how that i wasnt getting enough hours and he told people that if they really needed me to call me to come in early or on my days off!! I would love to take o...

To all the moms on here!!! - 9 years ago

I would love to go to one of the park days but i have to work Monday through Friday... I used to baby sit all the time but here i dont know how to get parents to trust me with there kids.. Cuz where i...

To all the moms on here!!! - 9 years ago

Whats your opinion on this??? Do you think its weird for a 19 year old girl to go to the park and play on the play ground with little kids?? The only reason i ask is because i love kids and i have a...

Getting Your Nails Done On HYS?? - 9 years ago

How much would it cost to get them done????

Getting Your Nails Done On HYS?? - 9 years ago

Im going to have to look into that cuz i would really like to get them done!

Getting Your Nails Done On HYS?? - 9 years ago

Huh... I might have to see about that, but i still think they are way to short to do anything with

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