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businesses overposting on hys !?!?!?!?!?

who's talking here?

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Ashley 1
Vanessa 7
Carel 1
Nessa 2
Paige 1
Short Momma 4
Leah 8
Christine 1
Chanda 7
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Short Momma --- 8 years ago -

no, its nothing compared to the sewing machine. Its great! Fast and easy! I have to alter just about everything of mine so its cool to use, I have a small cute one. 

★Elizabeth★ --- 8 years ago -

i thought of a solution to the over posting, but i know it will never happen. if they take off the newest users spot and put a business column there then the businesses and regular people will both have front page time and if you dont want to see them you dont have to. 

Vanessa --- 8 years ago -

I think that sounds like a good idea 

Chanda --- 8 years ago -

Hollaman responded to me about my email, they said they would look into it..we will see?? 

Christine --- 8 years ago -

Well, I think if enough of us complain to Adam they will do something about it. I personally think they should have a business section for people wanting to find business. I don't believe it should be on a Yard Sale Site unless it is a Home Based Business. I use to sew & would love to learn so maybe we should try a Sewing Date? 

Nessa --- 8 years ago -

Leah... maybe you could take over for jennifer and do the alterations? If you do, i'll be your first customer!!LOL 

Leah --- 8 years ago -

Nessa, I would LOVE to do that, seriously, I just need to get a good sewing machine first. My hubby woulda had his stripes sewn on a while ago if I'd had one :P 

Nessa --- 8 years ago -

well, keep me in the loop if you do. =D 

Paige --- 8 years ago -

I think that we all just need to send complaint emails to the site owners... maybe if enough of us complain then something will change. I can't remember the last time I visited HYS because of the same thing. It is nothing but an annoyance to me. yucky. Leah and I are supposed to be making poodle skirts! I have a sewing machine and it is our first sewing project together. I have done aprons, etc. but nothing big. 

baozhenwei0715 --- 1 years ago -

This comment has been flagged as spam 

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