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Heading to Holloman

who's talking here?

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Shell --- 8 years ago -

If you want to travel and be able to afford it.. try Space A 

Christine --- 8 years ago -

Welcome! Alamogordo/Holloman is known as the "friendliest place on earth" We hope you find it to be so too! There's lots of activities & parties posted on here. It even looks like someone is starting a game night. I look forward to meeting you!. I am 37 and a mother of 4. Not military, but my hubby works on base and meets alot of military. 

Shell --- 8 years ago -

Hi Christine! Looking forward to meeting you and FINALLY getting to Holloman! 

Shell --- 8 years ago -

Hi Christine! Looking forward to meeting you and FINALLY getting to Holloman! 

♥Sarah C.♥ --- 8 years ago -

Hello and Welcome to Holloman as well! I'm Sarah, 22 and married for only 3 months now, no kids, just two dogs. hehe We all look forward too another new face here!! If you need help with anything, please let me know too! I'd be glad to help!! :) The people really are great here and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as all of us!!! 

Kelly --- 8 years ago -

To Shell and everyone else... love the thread. I too am headed to Holloman.. first week of January. We're in Ramstein, Germany. We've had a different experience. We've loved it here, even though we live a ways from base. Our kids are 17, 14, 13 & 11 and never met any German kids in our neighborhood/village. We've seen so many countries, traveled...spent too much money...and now we're all ready to be back home stateside. I haven't been too active with spouses groups or anything, except when I first got here I was a key spouse for the squadron. I work for the USO full time and am insanely busy. I'd like to be involved with something though, meet people and hopefully find a job. I look forward to meeting some of you..especially those who may have kids my kids' ages and possibly in the CE squadron. Kelly 

Christine --- 8 years ago -

Hi Kelly, My hubby works on base, but we are not military. I am sure we will see each other cause you have high schoolers, like i do. Our kids are 15,14,13 and 3. 

Shell --- 8 years ago -

Hi Kelly. Glad to hear you liked Germany better than us! lol.. I think it would of been better had we been at Ramstein instead of Spang, but oh well.. all water under the bridge now!... My hubby is in CE... FD. 

Faith --- 8 years ago -

I'm really hoping to go overseas. I'm 18 and my husband is 20. We have a one year old, and I think that this would be perfect timing, for the next 10 years I don't have a child old enough to want to stay behind or any of that. Also that way I can get it out of the way while we're young and when we're old settle down, give our son a steady high school, etc. 

Lisanne --- 8 years ago -

I'm at Spang and heading to Holloman in January. We love it here and are sad to leave, but we're Oregonians so the weather doesn't bother us and it's our first base so not a lot to compare it to. I'll have to find that wives group on FB. 

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