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From the moms, I need some advice.. :P

who's talking here?

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★Elizabeth★ --- 9 years ago -

i forgot about that site, i used it too. 

Short Momma --- 9 years ago -

I like the name Miley! If I have another I am going to ask my husband to let me name her that. Its cute! 

Claudia --- 9 years ago -

I love Babycenter! 

Jordan --- 9 years ago -

I'm a little late for this thread... but I LOVE babycenter. I signed up for it and joined an actively trying group when we were first starting to try. The ovulation calender is great and really helped us--took us one month of "actively trying." I don't think you need to start buying stuff already--but if you see something for a good price that is cheap, why not? The way I see it--you will need it eventually and you may not find one at such a good price. I started slowly buying stuff when we first found out and it has really helped---now we are only a few weeks away and have everything we need and don't feel overwhelmed with the cost. I would also suggest buying a pack of diapers each paycheck. We have done that and it really helps spread out the cost of them--those suckers are expensive just to be pooped in! Good luck! :) 

morgan --- 9 years ago -

I agree with the diapers but I wouldn't buy all of one size. We did that with my daughter and had tons of size nb and size 1 that were never used because she grew so fast..We also did that with formula and then my daughter wasn't able to use the kind we bought lol....I agree with Jordon on buying something if its a really good deal because you will eventually need it anyways (but wait till you get a positive test). Also look at blissyardsales.com its out of el paso and they usually have people willing to give stuff away for free! Since your husband is airforce I would start going to the airmans attic for baby clothes to. They sometimes have formula and diapers there if you get lucky! 

linyuan1 --- 2 years ago -

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mcmoutlet5 --- 2 years ago -

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huangqing --- 2 years ago -

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linyuan1 --- 2 years ago -

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