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Janie --- 9 years ago -

So I just saw that this was available for people to express how they are feeling. I just finished reading alot of peoples or should I say the same people over and over agains comments. Most of them were great things I had been thinking or feeling with the exception of a few that I seem to do that gets on peoples nerves. So I must say sorry for that but guess what everyone does something that's going to bother someone eventually deal with. Unless someone stiffs you on money or is rude to then that's when you need to voice your opinion. Everyone is on this site to make a buck for one reason or another. I will post my items on here as many times as need be till I sell. The way I look at it is if I (or anyone else for that matter) take the time to post an item on HYS then why shouldn't we be able to post it as many times as we want. Make me an offer everyone has either put that or even made one, my complate is of course we would want it for free but if free is not an option make a reasonable offer not go from $10 to $2.00. I can't belive I actual writing on here I guess someone can get some humor out of this I know I do when I read others complaining. I wish nothing but the best for everyone and thier sells. Oh yeah HYS Rocks. Hard to make money when I give it right back. 

Crystal --- 9 years ago -

lol, I know what you mean... I know this is a yard sale sight but that does not mean that we have to give a really nice item away for next to nothing... If the item is asking $20 don't offer 10% be reasonable maybe $15... lol and if you were declined once why keep emailing and making the same offer if I told you no once, twice, 3 times what makes you think I am going to say yes the 4th...lol 

Jerry and Becca --- 9 years ago -

I agree, everyone will have a complaint about something or another, but hopefully this site does not become a place to be hateful and complain about everyone else. (That was my first thought when I saw this new site). Everyone selling on here is here to get rid of stuff and make a few bucks. If you do not like a seller/buyer, then just don't buy from them. Hopefully this will remain a fun place to buy, sell and make a few friends. 

Janie --- 9 years ago -

I hope it doesn'tBecca, but I can't help but say that after I posted my first comment on here one of my items got flagged. Oh well, here's to keeping my head up and hope people will still buy from me. LOL Crystal I know what you mean I just usually tell them that I want to at least have the item on the site for a week before I'll take thier offer. 

huyanqing --- 2 years ago -

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