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Are we going to get Chatarama back?

who's talking here?

adam 1
Ashley 2
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Priscilla --- 10 years ago -

I love having Chatarama so much. It made things so much easier. Now I have to post a phone # (which I don't like doing) or get tons of emails concerning an item. I am at my computer for most of the day and having Chatarama was so convenient. I like being able to ask someone a quick question about there item without having to do the whole back and forth email thing. Not everyone checks there email everyday.  

Ashley --- 10 years ago -

Chatarama caused alot of problems so I dont know when it will be able to come back 

adam (Wizard) --- 10 years ago -

yes. it's coming back. :-) we just need more servers to handle it. it's way too popular! 

Ashley --- 10 years ago -

Well there ya go 

Janie --- 10 years ago -

Yeah it's coming back, I loved it. The only thing I didn't like is when your talking to someone and they say you can buy the item then say hold on go away for min then come back and say it's sold. What's that about? First come first serve stay talking to the person who talked to you first that means answer thier questions then go to the next person after they say they aren't intrested. Just a suggestion to those who love chatarama as I do. 

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