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tattoos and peircings?

who's talking here?

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Amanda --- 9 years ago -

Hi! i'm new here and i'm wanting to get a tattoo and maybe a peircing. i plan on going to Las Cruses but there are so many tattoo shops there i don't know which one is good. So any experiance on past shops, or anything youve heard would be very helpful! thanks!! 

morgan --- 9 years ago -

Cilo's Tattoo & Piercing 2419 N White Sands Blvd # A Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310-6109 Phone: (505) 434-2153 I got a tattoo from there in april last year! The guy did a really really good job and he was also so nice to work with and he also let my hubby hold my hand the whole time * were we are from they dont do that lol* He was also VERY cheap my tat was only 110 and its a good size tattoo with 4 different colors 

Amanda --- 9 years ago -

awesome, much less of a drive! thanks 

♥ Christine ♥ --- 9 years ago -

The only people I go to do get work done is Tick and James at Black Rat Tattoo in Las Cruces. My boyfriend and I have had much work done by them and they just do the best work. They have a myspace account you can check out. They are very cool people and I guarantee you'll be glad you have gone to them. Sorry but I don't recommend going anywhere in Alamo for tattoos. If you'd like to see some work Tick has done on me, I can send you some pics. Their phone number is 575-521-4699 if you want to schedule an appointment. 

Crystal --- 9 years ago -

I would just be careful. New mexico state's regulations for tattoo parlors is that they don't have to be licensed. Sooo if you do find one around here, just find one that is licensed. They are suppose to post their license on the wall. 

Carel --- 9 years ago -

I have also gone to Cilo's Tattoo & Piercing several times.He does great work and he is very friendly.He is also very clean and has been in business for many many many years.I would defently recommend him..Also both my son's and my husband have also gotten tattoo from him. 

morgan --- 9 years ago -

I dont know if Cilo's is licensed but when I went in to get my tat he was redoing his whole store to keep up with new regulations comming out.. Ohh and his wife is an absolute sweetheart to!! 

Amanda --- 9 years ago -

i looked up black rat tattoo on their myspace, Tick does amazing work, so i know i'll go to her for my next like 100 tattoos...they are so addictive! andi might try out the one here for a lip piercing i justhave to see if my job alows if first. thank you ladies so much! 

Jezel --- 9 years ago -

I've been to one place in El Paso called Renegade. My husband strictly goes to one artist there, but I don't really care for him. We had an appointment one weekend, and right before we got there someone walked in without an appt... so he took this guy, and spent like 2 hours on him. So, by the time it came time for us to get in the chair (there were 3 of us getting tatts), he said he could only do two of us, because he had another appointment coming in soon. I'm like wtf... poor costumer service. I was pissed. And after all that, the appt after us never showed. So needless to say, I don't think I'll ever go back to him. I've been to the place in town called Cosmic Ink on 10th Street. I'd def only go there for like words and things like that.. no kind of actual artwork. 

jennifer --- 8 years ago -

I had to check out black rat tattoo on myspace too. Tick's work is beautiful. I was only in the market for a piercing, but I'm reconsidering now. tat me up, baby! 

♥ Christine ♥ --- 8 years ago -

Yay! I'm glad you guys took the time to check out Black Rat on myspace :) Tick and James are both very talented artists. :) 

jennifer --- 8 years ago -

I have been to any here in town.. too scared i guess. I have gone to Georgia and Ohio for all of mine. I know them personally and that is a plus for me when getting some permanent, but I have gotten piercings at cilos and they did awesome and were nice. JP 

♥ Christine ♥ --- 8 years ago -

Black Rat Tattoo does not do piercings. Just throwing that out there :) I had Derek from Phantasm do my monroe piercing. He got the job done. I've never gone to Cilo's but I'm sure they can get the job done there too. If you're looking to go to Cruces for a piercing, I'd recommend Dorian @ Beneath The Skin 

crystal --- 8 years ago -

i work at cosmic ink here in alamogordo there,s three of us and we are all licenced only been open for about two years. i moved here from salt lake about a year ago and so far ive seen some pretty nice tats come out of this shop. 

crystal --- 8 years ago -

just hate to see us get a bad rep. cuz its a small town and not alot of work gets done out here. everyone wants to drive to las cruses or el paso 

Amanda --- 8 years ago -

crystal, do you all do piercings? my hisband and i are gonna wait a little while for a tattoo, but i'm wanting a lip piercing soon, i just have to see if my work will alow it. and where is cosmic ink at in alamogordo? 

Stefanie --- 8 years ago -

I went to Tink-Black Rat in Las Cruces last thursday.What she did is awesome .James did also great work on my husband leg.They are very goog and the price is cheap. Before this tattoo I went to Cilo here in town.Great work,too. And he did piercings,also. But we have already some dates at black rat in cruces 

tricia --- 8 years ago -

I had all my tattoos done by friends and i did my own piercing, cosmic ink isnt that the one on tenth street? Ive heard pretty good stuff about them. Cilo is very good too they have been here for A LONG TIME (ive been here since 93 and he has been here since before that from what I understand) 

tricia --- 8 years ago -

oops forgot (tricia) 

Deena --- 8 years ago -

TOTALY CILOS !!!! i got my tattoo there when i was 13 !! he's amazing and CLEAN... one of the most important thing you want to look for when getting a tattoo or peircing. may i warn u THEY HURT !!! specialy on the neck, foot, lower back, shoulder blades, and ankles. i had to do research before i got it ! lol one more time CILOS !!!!!! 

♥ Christine ♥ --- 8 years ago -

Black Rat Tattoo http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=301276539 

Paige --- 8 years ago -

i just got a tattoo done at Sacred Temple in Tularosa... they are AMAZING!!! I saw some that they were doing when I got mine does as well. Along with LOTS and LOTS of pictures!! I have heard nothing but bad things about Cilo's--- and i have seen lots of cover ups (that were originally done by Cilo and covered by someone else) I have heard he is good for cartoon type tattoos though. Sacred Temple also does piercings! They are just great! That is who I will be going to from now on 

Jennifer Edwina --- 8 years ago -

renegade in El paso....I dont know the address though..AWESOME I am telling you he is awesome! 

chris --- 8 years ago -

Tattoos are sooo addicting! I have 6-but want more!! i love em! 

tricia --- 8 years ago -

i agree tattoos are very addicting but for my own personal reasons i have no urge or scratch to get anymore. kinda stinks (tricia) 

jennifer --- 8 years ago -

yes tattoos are addicting, it took me 5 years to get my first one.. had to be perfect. Then got my second 2 years later and my third three days later. It has been about a year since my third and I am researching another. addicting yeah, I am terrified of pain and needles, what does that say!LOL 

♥ Christine ♥ --- 8 years ago -

To Kelly: I do not recommend going anywhere in Alamo or Tule, but its put to you. If you want a great tattoo that isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg, just go to Cruces. If you are just looking to get a general tattoo with no definition, you can go anywhere in town. 

Paige --- 8 years ago -

My tattoo was done in Tularosa. It has ALOT of detail and they did fantastic... also it did not cost "an arm and a leg" so i STILL recommend Sacred Temple. In fact, I will ONLY go to them... 

★Elizabeth★ --- 8 years ago -

paige, how much did they charge you? i had a friend do my tat and it was practically free, but i want to get another and the guy who did my first has started drinking alot so i dont want him to do another. 

Paige --- 8 years ago -

mine was only $120, but I guess it does depend on that you want and how much detail and all of that... 

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