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I found this funny on HY

who's talking here?

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Ligia --- 8 years ago -

OK they are are trying to sell this not give it away but I like how they go about it. LOL THis is exactly how they are selling word 4 word: WORLDS UGLIEST CHEST OF DRAWERS 1 PICTURE SAYS IT ALL!!!!!!!! UGLY DRAWERS MISMATCHED HANDLES WELL MADE AND STURDY. Price: 20.00  

morgan --- 8 years ago -

lol I laughed at that to. 

Ashley --- 8 years ago -

lol.. I saw that too I was like awww its french Provencal..lol 

Ligia --- 8 years ago -

I would think they would want to get rid it and make it a blurred out pic like most people do on HY that are trying to sell what I consider trash. 

Carel --- 8 years ago -

At least we know that person is honest.Don't laught I was trying to figure out if I could make it look nice and use it in one of our project.LOL 

Ligia --- 8 years ago -

LOL Carel I keep coming back on here wondering who is still up. I am trying to do my final but that keeps making me sleepy. 

Ashley --- 8 years ago -

Lol Im not laughin carel my mom said the same thing she had that french stuff as a kid and for whatever reason she gets those memories everytime she sees furniture like that.. lol 

Ashley --- 8 years ago -

I like the posting of the 212,000 house posted as a criblet is that like a real term? I know crib is, but criblet? 

Ligia --- 8 years ago -

A few days back there was someone looking for a YOB. It's hard enough trying to find a job here without a bad resume. Hope he got a job though. 

Ligia --- 8 years ago -

It is a pretty "criblet" though. OMG what if that is a new term the youngsters are using? I am feeling old right now or is it tired, nah both. 

Sandra --- 8 years ago -

Hi guys, I am glad I am not the only one still up looking. 

Ligia --- 8 years ago -

I had to stay up and do some school work. The drawers sold. Carel did you buy it? 

Ashley --- 8 years ago -

haha I bet someone could make them ppretty and yea I feel out of the loop. 

Carel --- 8 years ago -

I will never tell..If you see it setting in one of our projects you'll know LOL 

Vanessa --- 8 years ago -

Oh Carel I love working on furniture LOL 

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