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Maren --- 9 years ago -

I am 20 years old. Holloman is our first duty station. From San Diego. I have a beautiful baby girl (9 months) And, I have still yet to find anything I like to do here but I'm sure I'll find something. OK, your turn!  

Vanessa --- 9 years ago -

Vanessa welch just turned 25 Holloman is our first station 4 and half years ago From Houston Texas I have 2 kids both boys 4 and 2 and half Love to go dancing doing girls nights and camping 

Ashley --- 9 years ago -

Ashley Just turned 26 :-( Holloman is our first duty station 4 1/2 years ago. From outside of Houston I have 2 kids ages 4 and 2 1/2 Love doin girl stuff, movies, dominoes, 4 wheelers, dancing, having a few drinks... Haha it looks like I copy you on everything but im older so... YEA.. LMAO 

Jezel --- 9 years ago -

Jezel ;) 25, Will be turning 26 in November (Stay tuned for Party Plans and Details!) Holloman is our first duty station; here since February of 2004 From North Philly 2 amazing babies: Josiah, 3 and Joslyn, 1 (next week) I love reading, being with my family, hanging out with the girls, going on road trips (El Paso, Cruces, Ruidoso, Cloudcroft, LOL), etc. etc. 

Tonya --- 9 years ago -

Tonya Holloman is our 4th duty station, but now my husband is a GS. been here since June of 06. Husband is from here so stuck. From Kentucky and I miss it and the Green and seasons. I have 4 kids Kyan 12 1/2, Kyara 9 1/2, Aliziah 5(2 days ago), and Anika 20 months. Love riding motorcycles, fishing, being with my family. I love music and dancing. 

Trevor --- 9 years ago -

Trevor.. apparently I'm a lurker who drinks quietly in the bar and whom everyone on HU hates haha! 23 years old married with 2 dogs a cat and some guppies. 

Leah --- 9 years ago -

TONYA! I'M FROM KENTUCKY TOO! Anyways Leah 19 From Ft. Knox KY I only have furbabies, 2 cats, 1 dog, and 3 rats. Holloman is our first duty station, here since march of 09. I love doing anything that sounds fun. Especially like singing in the car where no one can here me and just hanging out having a good ole time :D 

Ashley --- 9 years ago -

Trevor.. apparently I'm a lurker who drinks quietly in the bar and whom everyone on HU hates haha! 23 years old married with 2 dogs a cat and some guppies. Hahahah We dont hate you and I promise not to use the word lurker again it just fit so good in the comment though.. 

★Elizabeth★ --- 9 years ago -

Elizabeth 24 years old from....here 2 kids, juliana is 3 and amelia is 9 months getting married in september 

Short Momma --- 9 years ago -

-Kelly -23 years old -husband is retired Army, met him here -from: born in Irving,TX but lived in Arlington, TX until I was 15 yrs. old -2 kids, Victoria is 22 months and Barry is 8 months. -like to sing, listen to music, watch movies, shop for good deals, etc...I have way too many hobbies. 

Barbara --- 9 years ago -

-Barbara -not quite menopausal yet -husband is civil service with US Army Corps of Engineers; he's from Carlsbad, NM and I'm local -13 (say a prayer for us) year old son -into Astronomy, auto restoration -husband does woodworking or flies RC planes with our son -son is a Black belt in Tae Kwon Do 

*CC* --- 9 years ago -

Barbara i love your comment for your age lol. *CC* -just turned 25 last week -three kids-5 year old boy, my daughter turns four in a week, and a 10 month old girl. -stay at home mom, married for three and half years, Im not from Alamo but live here now. I grew up a Air Force brat born in Michigan and my Dad was stationed at Holloman and retired here, lucky me lol. 

*CC* --- 9 years ago -

o yeah i love to watch movies, read and Im working on my second associates degree 

Bren --- 9 years ago -

Brenda -39-I'm the old one in the bunch it seems! -married, three teenage boys. -hubbys been out of the Navy since 1999. -Moved from Conroe, Tx in Nov 08 to Cloudcroft. -I have two large slobbery furbags, Mastiff and Great Dane. 

morgan --- 9 years ago -

Morgan -I will be 22 on the 30th of this month - Married since 06 -I have two St. Patties day babies. 08 and 09 -I'm from Iowa but here because of Airfoce -This is our Second base -We have one puppy. Here name is Katie and shes a labeagle *lab and beagle* 

Katrina --- 9 years ago -

Katrina - Soon to be 24 *sigh* - Originally from Detroit Michigan - Hubbys first station, for over five years. - I have one kiddo, he just turned two. - I like to go to concerts(metal,punk,rock), travel(esp. to vegas!), and especially enjoy a fine german beer ;) 

Ligia --- 9 years ago -

Ligia 20+ yrs old married long enough enough kiddos enough pets Been stationed in Oklahoma, UK, and now here. 

Barbara --- 9 years ago -

No BrendaC, you're a youngster. ROFLMAO 

tricia --- 9 years ago -

lol... brenda n barbara tricia 32 born in houston 2 kiddos but they dont live w me boys 14 and 9 married unofficially 3 dogs and 3 birds not military although my brothr carl was stationed here back in early mid 90's hence y im here LOL my biggest thing is I take on too much and dont know when to quit! LOL 

Christine --- 9 years ago -

Christine 37 born in Santa Rosa, California 4 kiddos 15, 14, 12 & almost 2 been married 18 years on the 27th of this month 4 horses, 2 dogs, 4 cats never been military, hubby just works on base I love reading, redoing furniture, scrapbooking, dancing, etc. 

Liz F. --- 9 years ago -

Liz 28 Born in Wilingboro, NJ Moved here from Langley AFB/Va Beach VA Been married since Nov. 29, 2008. This is our second duty station together. Hubby has about 4 more years left until he retires and thenit is back to VA!!! No kids, just our dogs. I love reading, dancing, photography and working out..when I go to the gym LOL! 

Jordan --- 9 years ago -

This is fun getting to know everyone! Jordan 22 years old Originally from Texas (Amarillo area) Moving to Alamo in October Married for a little over 3 years Holloman will be our 2nd base--we're in Misawa, Japan right now. We have one kid, Brady who is 1 month old.. and 2 dogs I am pretty easy to please.. love reading, scrapbooking, working out, playing games, traveling, etc. etc.. 

Ashley --- 9 years ago -

lol.. Jordan 

Jordan --- 9 years ago -

:) What are you laughing at me for? haha 

Ashley --- 9 years ago -

Cause your so cute and easy to please.. lol 

Amy --- 9 years ago -

Amy 34 yrs. old orig. from Charlotte NC, raised in SC this our 3rd base - 1st - Charleston,SC 2nd - Kadena, Japan 1 kiddo - 14 months (handful) 1 furoldman - black lab married 11 years Love reading, movies, Taco Bell, and hugs 

tricia --- 9 years ago -

ooh charlotte... i lived there for like 5 years when i was a kiddo i loved that place.. my sister lives there 

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