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Real or not real?

who's talking here?

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Ligia --- 9 years ago -

Someone posted this on HY under the name Nessa: I am scared and helpless.I am a mom of three children,and i am vary alone.I am traped in a horrible relationship with a man who is vary verbally abusive to me,he has isolatsd me to the point that i have no one.I need a home for me and my babys.If you know of any way to help us please e-mail me.I need a job.I am a GOOD WORKER and i will save my money to move away Is there a woman's shelter in Alamogordo? I don't know of any places, been here only a few months. It could be real or not what do you guys think just wondering if there is any place we can recommend to her in case it is real? 

Leah --- 9 years ago -

Even if it isn't real, a recommendation on who to call if she is in trouble wouldn't pull anything outta pocket for you, and it wouldn't do any harm. I say email her anywhere that she could go to if she really needs help, but don't readily give her money or anything unless you find out for sure if it's real or not. 

Barbara --- 9 years ago -

Contact COPE in Alamogordo, it's a woman's shelter. 

Ligia --- 9 years ago -

Thanks Barbara I e-mailed her the info. 

Amy --- 9 years ago -

So did I - On another note - Someone is giving away 2 cans of SlimFast found in the refridgerator (sp?) - wow 

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