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Thought this was a funny HYS posting, among several others :)

who's talking here?

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Vanessa 1
Jezel 3
Danielle 2
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Jezel --- 8 years ago -

Full Patio Furniture Set Looking for something nice to put in the patio particularly 4-6 guests and big enough to entertain on. We want to do Body shots, and table dancing, get it?  

Ligia --- 8 years ago -

haha too funny! 

Vanessa --- 8 years ago -

I know I was like what have they been doing with that table LOL 

Ashley --- 8 years ago -

I wanted to buy it till I realized it was a wanted add.. lol I just saw a turtle on there for 1,500 though... jeesh 

Danielle --- 8 years ago -

OMG I just read that to my husband. Why would somebody put all their business out on front street like that 

Ashley --- 8 years ago -

lmao. Who knows 

Danielle --- 8 years ago -

remind me not to buy any of their furniture in the future without a BIG bottle of scotchguard lol 

Ashley --- 8 years ago -

I know I was like Im sure they will get some intresting messages. 

Christine --- 8 years ago -

I thought it was a joke. Isn't it? 

Jezel --- 8 years ago -

I thought it was a sale posting as well, until I read the ad. IDK if it's a joke. If it was, it was pretty funny. And if it wasn't... still funny. 

Ashley --- 8 years ago -

Hmm I just saw a add that says their inlaws are coming and they will have no where to sleep so the need to sell everything. but when I looked at the items it was like a bathroom rug, wedding dress, camera, some scrubs. So hmmmm 

Jezel --- 8 years ago -

Okay.. I'm sorry, but this was just funny to me.. I just can't help but laugh. I Scan Areas For Hidden Surveillance First of all if you think you are bugged DO NOT call me! contact me via email or text. I reccomend texting in case your computer is being logged with spyware. I do surveillance countermeasures, I can scan your home, office, hotel room, anywhere that requires privacy, or vehicles for hidden cameras, wireless cameras and audio taps. I use the latest and most advanced equipment to search for many various types of spy tools. I do a complete and thorough search of the area. I offer VERY reasonable rates compared to the competition and I invite you to compare my rates to others. Email or Preferrably text me at 575-430-7595 DO NOT CALL IF YOU THINK YOU ARE BEING TAPPED UNLESS FROM A PAY PHONE! Contact me if you have questions or concerns. Thank you I also sell the equipment as well but some of it requires a vast amount of knowledge with this equipment but I also carry a few user friendly models. 

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