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childcare question

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Vanessa --- 9 years ago -

I am going to be going school sooner than I thought and I know I will only need part time daycare.... some said that there is a program that if you go to school full time thent there is free or cheap childcare does anyone know of this.... then I will have a problem one of kids is going to full house pre- k and is there places that would they transport or do I need to figure that out.... I do not know what my schedule is yet so is am just trying to figure it out for when it happens 

Eryn --- 9 years ago -

When I was going I went to CYFD and they paid a pretty much all of the daycare except for 85 a month for 1 child... They will even help pay for part time.. My son went part time my 2nd semester.. I think they had to be in daycare for at least 25 hours a week for part time.. 

Vanessa --- 9 years ago -

so I can go to the cyfd and ask about daycare... who does the cyfd go through for child care 

Eryn --- 9 years ago -

They have a pretty wide list.. I think it really depends on the daycare.. I just called a few daycares to see who accepted CYFD.. Hayden went to the daycare by the hospital.. If you contact CYFD they will be able to help you =) 

Vanessa --- 9 years ago -

ok thank you I will go there tomorrow too... LOL I heard Zia was freeish but I am so lazy right now I think I want to see my schedule first 

Eryn --- 9 years ago -

I have heard that but never checked into it.. I tend to procrastinate and I think you have to that stuff pretty early.. 

Vanessa --- 9 years ago -

So I went to the cyfd today and yeah the lady was out to lunch LOL ugh so I picked up a list of places and I guess I am going to start calling 

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