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Baja Broadband

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Roberta --- 8 years ago -

Does anyone have problems with their services? We started services with them in Aug when we moved here. The end of September out internet kept shutting off so they sent someone out to look at everything. All our wires had to be changed because the original guy who set it up did do it correct so the signal strength was bound to get lost he said. Mind you, every time our internet shuts off so does our phone. As of Wednesday our internet kept shutting off again. Called them up had to use my cell phone since the internet and phone are connected and our internet doesn't always like to stay connected so our phone will shut off. Called and someone was suppose to call back... no one has. I called Thursday and they tell me to reset everything and yet again they were going to call me back.... still nothing. Friday... our cable shut off. YAY!!!! Our screen is green and the lady tells me it's green because WE have something connected wrong. I don't touch wiring and my husband hasn't touched it either. Then she says maybe your TV is an OLDER model so it's not working correctly. I tell her, our TV is barely going to be a yr old. She said put it on channel 3, i tell her our TV has a setting for cable so there is no need for it. ~~I am just ranting because it's now saturday and I am sick and now we have no cable and our internet and phone don't like to stay on~~ Does anyone else have issues like this? 

Katrina --- 8 years ago -

We use to have problems all the time with them, especially the internet. It hasn't acted up lately but it has it's moments. It gets really frustrating. There was a point where we were calling 4 times out of the week because the internet kept shutting off for hours and even days at a time. Their excuse would be "We're upgrading our lines", or "it's the heat" etc. I got sick of the cable going out so we switched to DirecTV. I'm not sure about any other internet services around here so we stuck with them for that. I would have them take the money off for the time you don't get your cable/internet. We did that every time it started shutting off. I really really dislike their customer service and overall service. :( 

morgan --- 8 years ago -

We have had tons of problems.. Last November we finally caught on we were over paying our bill and ended up not having having to pay them for three months. The this month they forgot to prorate our bill and shut our phones off (not cable or internet just our phones) because they thought we owed then $30.00. After calling 4 times and them fixing the bill they said that it would take a week to go through the process then our phones would be on. After a week and 1/2 we had to personally go down there to get the processed started again because someone started the job and decided to never to finish it.. We also had a lady at the store tell us that we have paid 2,500 since last August and our bill is only suppose to be 120 a month. We were told we would get a call once all the money was credited back to our account that was 4 days ago. We also have had 3 techs come out and look at our cable and the towers around us because we have never been able to ordered movies off the tv, still waiting on that to be fixed. We don't want to switch though because I don't want to pay a down payment and more a month somewhere else. 

morgan --- 8 years ago -

I was also wondering if its just us but we haven't had channel 19 for 2 weeks now... I never watch the channel usually but Monday will be 1 tree hill lol 

Roberta --- 8 years ago -

Hahaa two weeks ago I paid the bill and then Thursday my husband said baja called and said we still had not paid yet. He said well check again because the money was taken out of our account. Then she said oh yeah youre right, sorry. 

Terri --- 8 years ago -

I have Baja for Phone and Internet and I haven't had any problems. My service is a lot better, too. I switched to them back at the beginning of July after experiencing so many problems with Qwest. Even with the problems you may be having with Baja, just be thankful they have a local business IN TOWN that you can go to and someone you can talk to IN PERSON. Qwest isn't local and I can almost guarantee if you go with them you will have problems. You will also never be able to figure out your bill and it will be a lot higher than BAJA. Keep this in mind...Qwest likes to sugarcoat things to make them look good. Buyer beware. 

Christine --- 8 years ago -

I had same problems as Terri with Qwest and so far have had none with Broadband. Is it just people on base that have had problems? I wonder if there's something going on out there. 

morgan --- 8 years ago -

I know a lot of our problems with our account are because we did the triple package and then around October last yr there systems got messed up and they were having to prorate everybody. Sometimes they would forget to do some peoples accounts. 

Roberta --- 8 years ago -

We have a triple play as well. When the guy came today he said that we have a low signal in our area. He is suppose to have someone come out and take care of the problem either monday or tuesday. 

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