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Christine --- 8 years ago -

No shows- I know the same OLD vent as before. Why can't people have the decency to call or e-mail when they know you are driving 10 miles to meet them urgh. On top of that I had someone break one of my items and try to cover it up! 

Short Momma --- 8 years ago -

Thats horrible. Sorry Christine. 

Barbara --- 8 years ago -

Ok..my vent. A friend called me tonight asking if I could meet her and help her look for some kittens. It seems she was driving behind a vehicle between the bypass and White Sands and this idiot was throwing kittens from his brand new truck. She couldn't see the license number because it was a temporary tag so she followed him to the movie theater. It seems that after disposing of these kittens, it was the perfect time to take his wife and YOUNG child to a children's movie. Reported it to DPS (it's a fourth degree felony...animal abandonment and cruelty) but without evidence..ie, kittens, they may not be able to procesute him. Went back out to the desert to look for the kittens in the dark but needless to say they probably don't trust humans now and we couldn't find any! So, if you know of someone that has a new truck, that once had some stripped kittens but no longer does, my friend would like you to call DPS with any info you may have. UGH!! I HATE PEOPLE SOMETIMES! 

Claudia --- 8 years ago -

Oh no Barbara, that is terrible, what's wrong w/ people???? 

Paige --- 8 years ago -

that is absolutely HORRENDOUS!!!! 

Leah --- 8 years ago -

I w0uld have c0nfr0nted them. I w0uld have asked whether 0r n0t they th0ught ab0ut the fel0ny charges ass0ciated with the crime, let them kn0w I had their plate numbers and an awes0me descripti0n 0f them and their truck. 

Barbara --- 8 years ago -

My friend called DPS and we went back to the area with Animal Control to see if we could find the kittens. Of course, they are scared and untrusting of humans and none were found. The police will be getting in touch with the gentleman today to question him about it. If I would have been following this jerk, I would have torn him a new a**hole and to heck with the consequences. Can't believe he had his child in the vehicle when he did this! 

Shannon --- 8 years ago -

WOW!!!! IT STILL AMAZES ME WHAT PEOPLE DO. I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE animal lover. I have risk my life a couple of times to save or try to save an animal. Some of my loved ones don't understand why I do that. I don't think, I act. Anyway, I am with you Barbara. I don't like confertation. But when it comes to animals, that's a different story. I would of unloaded on the guy. I can't beleive that the wife just let me do that. She could have been a better role and take them to the pound. That got my blood boiling 

Barbara --- 8 years ago -

They could have dropped the kittens off in the outside cages and not had to pay a surrender fee. Lazy, careless a5s people! 

Shannon --- 8 years ago -


Shannon --- 8 years ago -

Taking them to the pound would be my last resort, but certainly be better that throwing out the window. 

*CC* --- 8 years ago -

Okay here is my vent, serously how hard is it to send an email saying the item is sold or pending pickup??? I swear some poeple are so fricken rude leaving you wondering. I know that some people get lots of emails, well if that happens at least put the item as PPU,or a post something about the item saying its sold. I know everytime I get tons of emails about an item, I always respond! 

Christine --- 8 years ago -

I understand completely. As soon as I have someone saying they will pick up an item, I put PPU some people don't realize what that stands for so I send them an e-mail letting them know it is PPU+Pending Pick-up. 

morgan --- 8 years ago -

So I know this isn't a vent but I was wondering how long do you wait for someone to email you back? I have 10 ppl wanting an item but I emailed someone at 12 saying they could have the item but must be picked up tonight and haven't heard back. In my add I also put first come first serve. Usually I wait 24hrs but I really need to sell the item so I can buy something else. 

Christine --- 8 years ago -

To be honest, most people only wait 1-2 hours if those interested don't leave a phone #. I am learning if it is an item I want that I will leave a phone number as I have a better chance of getting it. 

Just sharing! --- 8 years ago -

If you said in the add first come first serve, then I guess that would give the person who is interested more of a reason to get back with you as soon as possible to get the item. I think in the future if you have an item you need to sell quickly you should respond back saying something like, " I really need this gone-please contact me at 555-5555 as soon as possible to arrange pickup, I have ther possible buyers and will give the item to the fist person who makes contact with me." This way you wont feel bad about going to the next buyer. I have wanted items in the past that someone put first come first serve, and I appricate sellers waiting on me because I work an 8-5, but using common courtesy pays off in the long run. 

Christine --- 8 years ago -

I will hold for someone who has COMMITTED, but not for someone who e-mailed me & said they wanted it & I e-mailed them back and didn';t hear from them. Not all people stay at home, so waiting for them to get off from work is common courtesy IF they have gotten back to you. 

morgan --- 8 years ago -

I decided to email someone that had written me back after I had told them I was waiting on someone else. The first person hadn't committed just asked if I would go lower. I gave my phone number the first time and they had also wrote me from a work email. Hopefully it will sell lol I really want to buy this table on hys lol 

Christine --- 8 years ago -

Morgan, did u get the table? was it the one with the matching bar stools? 

morgan --- 8 years ago -

Yea thats the one I got. We redid the seats yesterday and it looks really nice. A lot smaller then I thought it would be but I still like it lol 

Christine --- 8 years ago -

That's great! I thought that table was really cool. I even thought it would look good spray painted black & with new fabric. I get my fabric for reupholstering at wal-mart. They use to have a way better selection than now. 

morgan --- 8 years ago -

Thats were got the fabric from. I did them in Christmas fabric lol. I figured I can get away with it because by January Haylee or Connor will have already ruined the fabric. I really wanted to find fabric with the italian chef guy on them since thats what our kitchen is but they don't sell anything like that. 

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