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Has Anyone ever been stationed at Sheppard AFB?

who's talking here?

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Jess --- 8 years ago -

If so, could you give me the pros and cons about it. Also, what is the base housing like and what are the best areas off base to live?? Are there alot of places to take your kids?? Thanks! =) 

Jessi KO --- 8 years ago -

If you're ever moving to a new base, go to this website to find out info about it and ratings from people. I have friends who were there for tech.school, but they didn't say much about it. I've been to the city round it (Witchita Falls) and I believe that it is bigger than Alamogordo. :) This is for Sheppard: http://www.baseofpreference.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=223&Itemid=162 

BamaFan --- 8 years ago -

They have a bookoo site as well so you might be able to get some info from there: http://sheppardyardsales.com/ 

Christy --- 8 years ago -

My husband hasnt been stationed there but Wichita Falls is our home town. I know they have been building new housing on base there. Off base there are several good places to look. If you have any questions about the town, feel free to email me thing2_18@yahoo.com and I will answer all the questions I know. 

DualAF --- 8 years ago -

It is probably better to live on base with the kids, the area is alot better. When I lived there, the housing rates off base were pretty high and you didnt get much for the money... 

DualAF21 --- 8 years ago -

It is a pretty cool base, but being a training base it is very busy. I would live on base, you get more for the money that way, as far as things for kids I am not sure if there is too much, there arent any big parks or anything nearby... 

Eryn --- 8 years ago -

We moved to Sheppard a little over a month ago and just came from Holloman! We love it and the ppl are super freindly! We are slowly but surely finding the things to do! A lot of ppl go to lake Texoma, and go fishing and boating!!! 

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