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need help with ac not working

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alex --- 8 years ago -

Hi im posting this for a friend she dont have internet right now she is 23 weeks pregnant and has a 3 year old son her landlord wont fix her ac and she doesnt have a ladder to go look at it herself,can someone please assist her in doing this,or can some one lend her a ladder i guess land lord came last night looked at it for like 2 mins said nothings wrong with it yet her house is still like 90 degrees inside lol she doesnt think the water pump is working right i guess.anyhow if someone could please help her that would be greatly apprecaited :-) 

Ken --- 8 years ago -

how can i get in touch w u? 

alex --- 8 years ago -

i msg u both of our phone numbers there'll be a flashing star at the top of the page :-) thankyou so so much :-) 

Barbara --- 8 years ago -

It was pretty humid and over 100 degrees today so evaporative (swamp) coolers don't work that well when the conditions are such. 

alex --- 8 years ago -

o ok i live all the way in wa. so im not very fimiliar with nm heat and such thankyou to ken though for taking a look 

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