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Almost school time

who's talking here?

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HighLife --- 7 years ago -

I just moved here in June and I need to know when and where do I register my daughter for school. I know it starts soon. She will be going into the 4th grade. They grow up so quick, jeeze. Thanks! 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

School registration is July 27, 28, 29 and you will register your daughter at the school she'll be attending. You can learn more at the Alamogordo Public School website


HighLife --- 7 years ago -

Thanks Barbara!! 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

You're welcome!
Welcome to Holloman/Alamogordo! 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

If you have any questions about school or registration, on the APS website there should be a phone number for the APS admin office. They should be there answering the phones there this week. 

The Holloman SLO --- 7 years ago -

Hi, I'm the School Liaison Officer here at Holloman Air Force Base, so please feel free to contact me if you ever have any school-related questions. You can contact me at 575.572.7754 and ask for the School Liaison Officer. Also, call the APS district admin. office directly at 575.812.6000 for any questions as well. The principals will be heading back to their schools this week, so you can call the schools directly to find out about start times for registration. Good luck! 

HighLife --- 7 years ago -

Thanks...will call Monday for times, etc. 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

The 2010 New Mexico Tax free weekend is August 6-8th.
Applies to:

•All clothing and shoes under $100
•School supplies under $15
•Computers under $1,000
•Computer equipment under $500 

Janice --- 7 years ago -

Thanks for the info Barbara. That's good to know. 

Short Momma --- 7 years ago -

Is there any schools for kids that are 3 yrs. old?? My daughter turns 3 on Sept. 18 and was hoping to put her in school somewhere. 

Cathy --- 7 years ago -

Most preschools have programs for 3 year olds but no public schools (as in you will have to pay a tuition). You may have to wait a little bit since she doesn't 3 for a while unless she is already potty trained (they usually make an exception). Of the top of my head, I know Bethel Baptist TOTS preschool has classes for 18 months-4 years. You can probably contact Heather, the School Liason Officer, for a list of preschools or I can email you a copy. 

Short Momma --- 7 years ago -

I almost have her potty trained and she is very bright so I was hoping to start her education at a young age. Could you please email me a list that would be great? Thanks. 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

Alamogordo Preschools 

armed and lovely --- 7 years ago -

the public schools have a preschool that my daughter was able to start in on her 3rd b-day. they are free for special needs kids and then they charge i think $200 a semester for non special needs kids if they have open slots. just call the special ed office of the public schools and tell them you want your daughter to be a "peer model". 

Short Momma --- 7 years ago -

Thats great. Thanks everyone. 

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