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Jason --- 7 years ago -

Anyone know of any GREAT beer that you just HAVE to share. I , for one, love dark beer, so Guinness is at the Tip-Top of my list. But, there are some awesome beers at the shoppette that I get when I have the money and when my liver is up to the challenge. For example, Spaten: Optimator is an excellent choice. As well as Arrogant Bastard Ale. For Honey Ale, I go with the Dundee Honey Brown. I've never been a fan of Sam Adams but I will splurge once in a while for the Seasonal beers, such as Cherry Wheat and Blackberry Witbier. I'm not a huge fan of the Summer Ale, but after 5 or 6 they all taste the same, right?! So, if you love beer (and I don't mean the 'need professional help' kind of love) lets chat about it. What do you prefer? What would you recommend? Been somewhere and had a favorite but it's not available here? Lets see if we can change that!! Look forward to hearing from you and trying something new!! PROST!!! 

Claudia --- 7 years ago -

I don't know much about beer but German beer is the best ;) 

Keith Stone --- 7 years ago -

Did you know Guinness is no longer coming from Ireland for US consumption?

Yep, that's right, it's now coming out of Canada, and just like every other imported Beer that Canada gets its hand on, they are never the same, they are ruined.

I noted this with Guinness about a year ago, when I bought some, and it didn't taste right.

I try staying away from all american mega brew beers, as they're all loaded with adjuncts, meaning Rice.

Sam Adams Boston Lager IMO is way unbalanced as a Beer. Have no ideas how they won awards with that one.

Yes, Spaten makes some good beers, and I especially used to like Dinkel Acker from them. The only place I am aware of who used to sell this, was the Shoppette on Base.

I tried to get Lowes in town to carry it, to no avail.

Beer selection is very poor here, at least compared to places like Chicago.

Beers like Henninger, Dortmunder DAB, I have not seen here since moving here.
Nor are many good micro brews, like Bell's, made by Kalamazoo Brewing Co for one.

My "go to" for a Lager, is usually Pilsner Urquell, it's very good. Was always considered-judged as one of the best, if not the best Lager Beer in the world.

Now as far as Beers like Corona, I heard one reviewer comment, and said. "Corona tastes like you ran 5 miles, and sqeezed the Nut Juice from your Butt Crack into a Bottle". I couldn't have said it better myself!

As for Porters, and Stouts, I used to like Murphys Cream Stout on Tap, and Bell's had one of the finest bottled Porters I've ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Many Ales, I've been a little afraid of drinking as of late. Not many that I like off the shelves.

Weissbiers are "supposed" to be Ales, and I prefer "Mit Hefe", meaning with yeast in the bottle and I'll drink Paulaner, Hacker Schoor, and best I can find here, is Aiynger at Lowes.

Many Weissbiers sold are not correct to style, and they are Lagers, not Ales. Mark 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

Yes, we all know Mark; Alamogordo will never live up to Chicagp's hype.

Please get over it. 

Keith Stone --- 7 years ago -

hey, what can I say Barbara, they have liquor wharehouses in Chicago the size of the Tays Center.

Today in fact, I was searching for a bottle of Dark Red Greek Wine, which is called Roditys. No dice, I'd probably have to drive to either Albuquerque, or El Paso, and that's even an "if" here. Or join a Wine of the Month Club.lol

You laugh, and ridicule, but you seem to ignore how far backward this town is, and most of the state is.

Today at Lowes, I was searching for the Treasure Cave Blue Cheese they "used" to carry. That's been blanked off their list, and if it isn't brisket, chile, tortillas, ground beef, limes, beans, it really isn't very important to stock here, is it?

As some called it, "jerkwater USA", and the shopping here is pathetic.
Looks like it's back to shopping at Albertsons in Cruces every 4-5 weeks to get what I want, this town has no interest in catering to those sort of things.

Alamogordo in this regard is truly a total pathetic joke. Think it's gonna change? I know the answer already, and that answer is "never". Mark 

Keith Stone --- 7 years ago -

No hype Barbara, Chicago is the melting pot of the nation. Alamogordo couldn't be a pimple on Chicago's butt as far as shopping, and food.

Yeah yeah yeah I know, you'll respond like everyone else does, why live here then? And I will answer, my stay here is temporary, a purgatory of sorts, where these 7 years have been literally cut out of my life.

I know the day will come where I'll be gone, and not look back. Mark 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

But you're constant complaining does nothing but make you a bitter person.

Also, does Chicago have dictionaries because hype is not a negative word. 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

We'll be sure to party when you leave. 

Keith Stone --- 7 years ago -

Good, cause its apparent, people with some class, and a sense of grandeur are NOT appreciated here. Let's keep this town just the way it is, right?

I rock the cart, I'm a leading proponent reminding you how pathetic this town really is, but some don't really care at all.

Wouldn't surprise me none, if there's people here out in the sticks, like Dog Canyon, who buy dog food, but not for their dogs, but for themselves to eat.

Yes, I've pretty much seen this here, and it is sad. Was in one person's house once about 7 years ago.
Know what was in their fridge-freezer?

A 1/2 package of Bar S Dogs, a 1/2 loaf of bread, a bottle of Ketchup, and a 6 pack of beer. Yep, mustn't forget the beer, the most imprtant thing. And in the freezer was an Orx head! lol Unfit for even a dog to live in. And was just west of the railroad tracks here. A real wonderful community out there, which is "the land that time forgot".

Think that person could give a rat's patoot about fresh Blue Point, Chinqoteaque (sp) Oysters? lol Not a fat chance.

Do I want and need the nicer things in life? You bet I do. Life is short, you only go around once. 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

No, because Oysters are not everything. All your delicious Chicago food all ends up as crap in the toliet. 

Keith Stone --- 7 years ago -

Ever eat them? I bet never, and you don;t care to.

Stick with your ground beef, which that as well is a joke here.

I don't even buy beef here in Alamogordo anymore. As for Steaks, I buy from Omaha Steaks, and even they seem to be slipping with quality. still ten times better than Alamo beef 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

I'll stick to prime rib any day. 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

Omaha Steaks is a joke. Try Kansas City Steak Company sometime. 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

No Mark, I don't cry about what I don't have. I feel blessed for the things I DO have. 

tricia --- 7 years ago -

hi this is richie, i like alamogordo for the most part. I have lived in alot of places and to me alamo is a alot better, most of the people are nice and heck this is where I met the love of my life ( here in alamo). not really any good jobs but oh well 

Christine --- 7 years ago -

Really, now you are just a sad person, Mark. I own 6 homes, I consider myself to be a country girl. I have a place in Dog Canyon. I find it to be a retreat and I DON't eat dog food. You are a really bitter person. I wouldn't be surprised if you never married or are divorced because who could tolerate living with your constant complaining & negativity. You attack those of us who choose to make the best of where we live and find the good in it. Alamo never claimed to be a fast-paced, prestigious city. Pray tell, you said this was your 7 years of purgatory-whatever has kept you here this long? I hope when you leave you wind up in Clearake, CA Then maybe you can learn to appreciate what you have and not complain about what you don't. You sound like a spoiled kid! Enough already! You whine worse than my 2 year old :) 

HighLife --- 7 years ago -

@Barbara. Although Kansas City steaks may taste good, MOST cows nowadays are corn-fed( as I read in another post of yours.) Cows are not supposed to live on corn and actually have a lot of intestinal problems as well as E. Coli because of this issue. You should definitly do your homework if you want to know where your food actually comes from. Here's something to start you off with :


Barbara --- 7 years ago -

Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. I've eaten grass or alfalfa fed beef for awhile now and to me corn-fed beef taste so much better. 

genghis khan --- 7 years ago -

Barb: Thats because your an old cow. 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

@Carol, Just an observation and not to fight anyone's battles, but it seems odd to me that you have not posted in almosot 200 days and everything you are posting now is negative and consumed by Barbara rather than being relevant to the topic or the thread. It looks to me like you are obsessed by her. 

genghis khan --- 7 years ago -

No honey, it's because I found out where she's been hiding, and it's indeed her thats obsessed with me. She's pretty much on Topix but has been absent quite a lot lately. Some friends of mine wondered where she was posting and we found her back on here. Has she told you shes been in the Ice Box on here a couple of times for her statemements,nast comments, etc. Also banned from HYS and banned trom Tipx three (maybe four) times. Yup, our Barb sure gets around) There are three police report out on her and her co-horts, and one lawter statement. Watch out, she's dangerous. 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

Well, rather than highjacking someone else's topic/thread/post and being direspectful to them, if you feel that strongly about her then you need to create your own topic/thread/post or even your own message board and let her respond there.

I'm afraid the way you are going at it right now you are the one who looks to be obsessed and dangerous. "She's pretty much on Topix but has been absent quite a lot lately. Some friends of mine wondered where she was posting and we found her back on here." Those statements SOUND like you are stalking her and the way you have posted negative and derogatory comments directed at her and after each of her posts it LOOKS like you are stalking her. If that's not being obsessed I don't know what is.

I don't know either one of you other than by your comments on here, which apparently indicate some long-standing feud, all I'm saying is go somewhere else to keep it stirred rather than taking over other people's topics. To me that's just being inconsiderate of other's to get your hate point across to one person on here. 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

I haven't been hiding anywhere Carol. I've been on here and Topix. You have my phone number, grow a pair and call me if you have something to say. 

genghis khan --- 7 years ago -

Bam Fan: I really dont give a rats patootie what you think of the situation.
Are you all aware that Barbs a meth head, used in front of her little son too. Nice huh?
I dont need your number Barb. Why the **** would I call you. You are way below me on the intelligence scale. I tend to try to keep a good distance from people like you as you tend to back stab. Re: Raquel Morris, your best friend once. Look what you did to her.
Nuf said, I dont need to correspond with you, just wanted you to know I've found one of your hiding places.
I will be watching! 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

Wow! You sound quite a bit like a stalker. 

Claudia --- 7 years ago -

Carol, the name of the topic is "I HEART Beer" not "let's talk about Barbara" ... 

Chanda --- 7 years ago -

I tried a new beer last night that I found refreshing, it's called Long Board..I loved it! 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

One of my favorites is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. 

huyanqing --- 2 years ago -

This comment has been flagged as spam 

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