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Pregnanet? Don't go to Gerald Champion

who's talking here?

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joseph --- 7 years ago -

My wife and I had the prevalige of going to the Gerald Champion pregnancy orientation they require you to go to before setting up appointments for patients. Number one the Nurses are rather rude and don not care what you have to say. They wanted us to pay for cystic fibrosis test out of pocket even though we had the test done before (its a genetic test that does not change no matter how old you get) and they were really rude when we declined and told them we could get a copy of our last one. Your first visit is not until 12 weeks no matter you circumstances. So no prenatal care or blood work till then. Ultrasounds are only one done at 20 weeks. All other visits are almost 7 weeks apart with the main subject just listening to baby heartbeat. The receptionous has real bad attitude and treats people like crap. Why they have not fired her is beyond us. We found a better doctor in Ruidoso called Dr. Hewitt. Her receptionous was real nice and caring and she was a joy to talk to. 

Cathy --- 7 years ago -

I am sorry you had a bad experience but I have had two children at Gerald Champion and had a great experience both times with the nurses, doctors, and midwives. With my son, I was able to see the doctor soon after I confirmed my pregnancy at 8 weeks. Yes, ultrasounds are only done at 20 weeks but that is a general rule unless the pregnancy is high risk. I was able to schedule appointments on the regular schedule (one a month until the last couple months when it switched to every 2 weeks and then once a week). And, again, unless the pregnancy is high risk, the appointments are only necessary to check growth of mom and baby, the heartbeat, and the mother's urine for proteins. The actual labor and delivery staff were great, too. I didn't have pain medication with my son and they were great and supportive; I got pain medication with my daughter and they, again, were great and supportive. I am not saying you don't have a right to complain if you had a bad experience. I am sorry that happened but I am just giving my own experience so newly pregnant moms don't get scared. 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

You get prenatal care from your OB-GYN, not the hospital. 

niki --- 7 years ago -

And the ob gyn is affiliated with the hospital. The orientation is held at the hospital . It is all about where you feel comfortable going . I hear some people like it with them and if one dr was still there I would feel some what content going there due to fact she is familiar with past medical history and unfortunately she is no longer there and yet others fail to care about past history I contacted insurance and new dr and they both feel its better with past medical history to seek care elsewhere, and not have to wait for initial labs or initial visit until first trimester is over. I hear wonderful things about ruidoso and many seek care there and love it. Unfortunately womens health in town does not care or show interest in certain patients that should require visits sooner 

Christine --- 7 years ago -

Gerald Champion Hospital is outrageous. They charge 3 times the regular rate for blood tests, x-rays, etc. My sister had a baby there & I was with her. It was a less than nice experience. I had a tenant that went there and was like 24 weeks pregnant & started bleeding. It took them 5 hours to see her & by then she had miscarried. Sorry, but all of my experiences have been bad with them. 

Claudia --- 7 years ago -

Number one the Nurses are rather rude and don not care what you have to say.

They were always nice to me

Ultrasounds are only one done at 20 weeks.

My first Ultrasound was at around 9-11 weeks and my second one probably at around 20 weeks.

All other visits are almost 7 weeks apart with the main subject just listening to baby heartbeat.

Mine were always 4 weeks apart and the closer you get to your EDD the more often they see you.

The receptionous has real bad attitude and treats people like crap.

She was always nice to me

Claudia --- 7 years ago -

I do think they should see preggo Ladies sooner though, 12 weeks is not early enough! 

Jess --- 7 years ago -

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but I LOVED the ob/gyns, midwives, & nurses! They were always great with me, my husband, and our 2 children we had there! Our 1st appts were always at 10 weeks & I had ultrasounds at those 1st appts to determine our due dates & several after. Again, I'm sorry you guys had a bad experience but I love the entire staff at GC's Women's Health!! 

niki --- 7 years ago -

they must have changed then due to fact you only get one ultra sound at 20wks now . And the receptionist when I had to go there for other issues rather than pregnant was never at desk and even if she was pts were disregarded until she made time for them, and they should see patients according to pmh to determine the proper pregnancy appt plan for each pt. For example not seeing a woman who is past 12wks and has history of multiple m/c and yet she still hasn't had initial appt? That's a little insane . But once again its all in where you feel comfortable going and yes some people have had no problems with them I personally would still stick it out if one dr was still there since she knows my situation and wouldn't have me wait no 12wks or more to even have initial visit. But most I hear from have not had pleasant experiences with them. 

joseph --- 7 years ago -

Claudia I do not mean to be rude but you are only one of two individuals I have heard had a good experience, the other 27 individuals I have heard advice from have had the same experience we did. I also have the schedule of evidence for appts if you would like to see it that says ultrasounds are done at 20 weeks. We already have one son and when we were at Elmendorf we had three different ultrasounds. It also says on the schedule that appts are scheduled 7 wks apart. If anyone wants to see the schedule I will gladley send it to them. The receptionist has a reputation with alot of people here on base from the individuals I have talked with. Barbara the OBGYN is in the hospital, and it also says on the event schedule when you will be given your prenatel care. The main point I am trying to make is make sure you look around and see whats out there. Don't think you have to stick to Gerald Champion if you had the same experience we did. 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

My son was born at GCRMC and I had nothing but a positive experience and know several others who also had no problems with them. I only had one ultrasound with my son and it was around 20 weeks. There is no reason to do more ultrasounds unless you have a high-risk pregnancy.

And your OBBYN's office is in the Gerald Champion Complex, as most doctors are including some pediatricians.

But whoever you decide to go to is your decision and you have to be comfortable with. 

niki --- 7 years ago -

Barbara even with higher risk they don't do them any sooner they don't even do initial visits sooner. I am currently pregnant and have a past medical history and have had all previous procedure and surgery done through them and they still wouldn't see me till nor do ultrasound sooner to make sure everything is ok. I do not feel comfortable going there we all know what its like being pregnant we get concerns and in my case I have very valid reason they should see me a lot sooner but they don't its not there policy . If I didn't have past history like I do I wouldn't have so much concern I have one son already and know what to expect and what its like. But this time is different. I have searched around for all available drs have made phone calls and all say same thing with my past history I need to be seen a lot sooner than what they can offer. I just feel more comfortable with different dr since my original is no longer at that womens health. I think its awesome you had no problems with them and I wish more can say the same. But its all in where you feel comfortable going . My only concern right now is if baby is ok and what ever will I do when I have to drive almost an hour when I hit labor since with my son it was about the same amount of driving except I wasn't in labor I just had a checkup on monitors and they induced me on spot at previous base hospital. The other downfall I have with them is medical records never is on top of things its been days and all I can do is leave messages and yet nobody will return my phone calls so I could get records transferred thankfully base actually has copies of them all from there :D 

Christine --- 7 years ago -

nicki I went to Women's Health Center in Las Cruces and was very impressed with them Hope that helps! I know your concerns. I was high risk as well. I can tell you why they aren't wanting to see anyone sooner. They don't believe it is a baby sooner than I believe 21 weeks or 24 weeks and if there are complications they won't try to help, as in the case of my tenant. They don't consider it a "viable" pregnancy. A bunch of malarkey, just insurance companies way of not having to pay! 

Barbara --- 7 years ago -

It also depends on your insurance company and what they will cover. 

niki --- 7 years ago -

With my first pregnancy I had awesome care back home as soon as I knew they did us made sure everything was ok and was a very awesome pregnancy so no real concerns but they still made sure all was ok and I was 5wks 5days when I had my first initial appt back home and us to check everything out. But that was all before my major medical issues had come about. I have triwest my husband is active duty and they were rather upset that I had not used referral yet and I explained why and they at that point transferred referral to dr of choice so I hear nothing but good about dr in ruidoso so I contacted them and they got low down of what my medical history is and said we will have you seen as soon as possible since its a case that deserves it with medical history so I am very much relieved that finally I will have initial visit next thursday to hopefully set my mind at ease and they will do ultrasound to make sure everything is ok for time being. Atleast gcrm could do initial labs on pts before visits as well some tests if parents choose to have them done need to be done in certain time frame and initial labs are rather important to have done in early pregnancy but they don't even do that I was really boggled. The other thing I didn't really like is my first appt be after 12wks but in handout says that's when you get prescription for prenatal vitamins luckily I have been taken pre natals since december so I already have a bunch from base its an awesome daily multi vitamin if pregnant or not pregnant :D . I know there are a lot of providers that accept triwest in las cruces and el paso but I hadn't heard anything on them just one dr in ruidoso that's why I chose there but I will deff remember that in case someone in future is looking :) 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

Dr. Hewitt in Ruidoso is awesome, if that's who you mean niki. And I know that I had at least two ultrasounds, and maybe three. My memory isn't what it used to be. And my visits were once a month from the very beginning, then I think every two weeks in the last trimester, then once a week the last month.

And the staff at the hospital, LCMC, was great too. The nurses are angels. Even the phlebotomists are so gentle and caring. And the lactation specialist is wonderful and very encouraging.

And the meals were delicious. And the last meal is a family meal where your significant other and you and your baby get this cute little room and get served steak and salad and baked potato and bread and dessert. They said they used to give the couple one of those small champagnes but stopped because of alcohol issues.

Dr. Frank DiMotta, who is in family practice, pediatrics, and gynecology, (and assisted in the c-section) did my baby's initial evaluation and also returned to check on him the next day. He is his pediatrician to this day.

I hope you and Joseph's wife have as great of an experience as I did. Good luck to you both! 

Cathy --- 7 years ago -

Okay, I concede. Things must of really changed in the last 20 months (although my husband and I got a special "new parent" dinner with our daughter, too). All that is important is that you ensure the mom and baby get the best care possible. I hope everyone has a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

Claudia --- 7 years ago -

I don't need to see any evidence .. my experiences w/ Gerald Champion are from 2009. I gave birth to my daughter on December 31, 2009, so not too long ago. I am surprised that things have changed that much in just a few months, but what do I know...

If you don't like it then go to Ruidoso, well your wife I should say ;) I've heard great things about the hospital and the staff up there. 

Get a life ppl --- 7 years ago -

We had a great experience when i had my son there 7 weeks ago. The only thing i didnt like was the food. And as for what Cathy and claudia were saying all applied the same way with me 

armed and lovely --- 7 years ago -

i have had 2 kids at gerald champion in 2006 and 2008. both experiences were great. my appointments were every month till the last trimester when they were more often. my first appointments were both at 8 weeks . my only issue was with the waiting time for the office visits. but its not like they can make people stop having babies because they have appointments scheduled. 

Candice --- 7 years ago -


Candice --- 7 years ago -

I just delivered our second child last Sunday at LCMC, with Dr. Hewitt. I have no experience with GCRMC, but only because I love Dr. Hewitt so much I've never needed to go anywhere else. Her & her staff have always treated us like part of their family. The only drawback is the drive, but I felt it was worth it to be treated like a person and not a number. I'm glad you found them and hope you have as great of an experience as we have had.

Dr. Martinez is also an amazing pediatrician in Ruidoso, who also delivers for low risk pregnancies. She is our girls pediatrician, and at my newborns appt this week it started pouring rain and Dr. Martinez insisted on carrying my 3 year old out to the car and buckling her for me since I had my hands full carrying the new baby and she didn't want us to get soaked. I still can't believe she did that and just can't say enough nice things about those two doctors.

Hewitt saw us at 10 weeks, and sent us for three ultrasounds (here in Alamo at NM Sonographies). They were done at 6, 12, and 20 weeks. Two ultrasounds are standard though, unless you're having any complications. However, she has an ultrasound machine in every exam room so we actually got to see this baby at every single visit. Appointments were every 4 weeks, then every 2 weeks starting at 30 weeks, then weekly at 36 weeks. 

niki --- 7 years ago -

I am going to see dr hewitt I hear wonderful things about them and even just talking to receptionist on phone makes me feel so welcome . Yes the drive is not on plus side but I did it before with my first son back home we had hour drive to hospital for appts so it shoudlnt be that bad :) . Congrats candice on the new bundle of joy did you have a boy or a girl? this will be my second and I'm so thrilled just have worries if everything is ok and now finally I will know next thursday. I wouldn't worry so much except with pmh and not knowing nor being seen yet just really takes its toll on me . To bamafan and claudia I am josephs wife I thought I had mentioned that in post a while back but I guess not oops sorry . We came from alaska I was born and raised there and he was stationed there when we met so with out first we were at elmendorf and best care imaginable and then being pregnant here and having the treatment from gcrm really just blew us away don't get me wrong though I've had labs done there prior to surgery and lab tech was amazing and had mri done and imaging tech was awesome as well as out patient surgery . The dr I used to see at womens health for gcrm was very good but for everything else just have not have the best of luck with them . Does anyone know if being military when baby is born do you see pediatricians on base for check ups or is it pediatrician of choice? 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

That's okay, double good luck! And yes, it is a bit of a drive, especially when you are having contractions, but I would do it again and again (metaphorically, lol) to get the same care.

And as I did, I think you will find all of the hospital staff just as warm and caring as those in Dr. Hewitt's office. At the time I went there were two Jennifer's (nurses). The older one attended me when I delivered and afterwards and the younger one (Jennifer Harvey) was the prenatal class instructor and was there for special monitoring I needed prior to delivering. You could tell both of these women were meant to be nurses because of their caring and giving personalities.

Unfortunately I believe the older Jennifer is no longer there and I'm not sure about Jennifer Harvey. Dr. Hewitt's office could tell you since they work so closely with all the staff in the ob/gyn section of the hospital. Dr. Hewitt also performs other types of female surgeries there and is listed as part of their staff. 

niki --- 7 years ago -

The contractions is what I'm worried about due to my first one I never had to do long drive with contractions since I was induced at one of my visits . So that will be new experience for me unless I need induced again.I feel so relieved that I will be in good care takes a weight off my shoulders now the next weight to be lifted is when I find out everything is ok I imagine it is since I have no pains except usual abdomen pain from everything rotating and expanding I'm rather thin so that's only real thing that I feel at this point and I have no bleeding or spotting so that's a plus I just need the reassurance that my little one is ok and by time I am seen there most major development of baby will be in place so I hope everything is clear to see that everything is ok. Thank you so much for reassurance on dr hewitt and care I will receive makes me feel better. Another question I have is were labs done at hospital in ruidoso or does she do labs in office? I haven't had any initial labs done yet . Also does dr hewitt do ultrasound around 20wks to tell sex of baby or does nm sonagraph at 20wk tell you I just ask since some say they found out sooner from there dr and others say its strictly done at 20wks to determine sex of baby 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

You can see your baby at any office visit because as Candice said Dr. Hewitt has a machine in each maternity exam room, but your "official" ultrasounds will be at the hospital as will your other "labs". And the ultrasound professional at the hospital will most likely be able to tell you about the sex unless the baby just wants to be particularly shy that day. 

Candice --- 7 years ago -

Thanks Niki, we had our second girl. You can get your labs done here at CGRMC or at the Hospital in Ruidoso, whichever you prefer. The only thing she asks is that if you're having comparison bloodwork done (like HCG or baby's PKU) that you use the same lab for each of those tests.

Not sure why, but Hewitt was always very hesitant to tell us the sex of our girls, it was always "I'd say 80% girl." I think she just didn't want to tell us wrong, but yes she will send you to NM Sonographies for your 20 week 3D Ultrasound and as long as baby cooperates they'll tell you the sex.

Bamafan, Jennifer Harvey is the one who no longer works at LCMC. They said she is a school nurse now if I remember correctly... she was great though. We took her class when pregnant with our first & she put my husband through hell, it was hilarious:) The older Jennifer, Jennifer Becker, she was my nurse when delivering last week. She is the sweetest and has actually called me twice herself just to check on us since coming home. She told us she's been at LCMC for 25 years! Nurse Jan is my favorite though, it's a long story but she actually delivered my first all by herself in that room connected to the triage room. She also took care of our newest when she inhaled meconium and it was amazing the way she went to work to clean out her lungs. 

niki --- 7 years ago -

I have a son already and I'm happy with whatever it is I just can't wait though for 20 wk ultrasound since I have to start with clean slate on getting everything again . I have my medical assistant certificate and for what I've seen some drs are hesitant on sex of baby usually the ones that are old school but then I've seen some that are just as excited as parents to know the sex of baby but if she can give me an 80 percent sure I would go off of that. Does dr hewitt give you a picture of baby from ultra sound or do you only get one at 20 week at sonagraph place? To me this is all new and interesting on how its done here sorry for all my questions but back in alaska at elemendorf it was full service hospital on base so everything was done there and up there I had quite few ultrasounds and was lucky enough to have for 3 of major ultrasounds but by time I'm seen here the only major one I will really have left is 20wk. Was each of your guys's pregnancies different? Seems all new to me with this one like I've never been pregnant before its totally oppsoite from first one with my son . 

tricia --- 7 years ago -

no pregnancy is the same they will be different. ALSO it is true with the way insurance companies are getting it is horrible. It seems rather strange that a dr would NOT see you until you are 12 weeks along. That sure not how things were 10 yrs ago! 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

Congrats Candice on your new baby! And yes, Jennifer Becker was my nurse and I thought she was amazing. Everytime she checked my dialation she would apologize over and over for making me the slightest bit uncomfortable.

I could have sworn though that when I asked about both Jennifers when I was at the hospital getting blood tests for my toddler a year or two ago they told me that the older Jennifer was gone but that Jennifer H. was still there. Maybe they thought I meant for the day! lol And I know that Jennifer H. will do well in whatever she decides, she's so sweet and a little feisty too. I don't remember Jan but then she might not have been there on the days I was. I know they are all great though. 

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