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Whats going on in here these days?

who's talking here?

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crystal --- 7 years ago -

Its been a few months since i have logged on and the first thing i see is everyone attacking one another. Is there something that i missed these past few months or are some people really this bored with their time and looking to start fights? Im just looking to get the story straight and find out what happened to this "oh so friendly" web site?!?!?! 

Christine --- 7 years ago -

This happened before under the last mod. The admin wanted more site activity so they created names and caused fights. Also, people give their opinions and are attacked by others for doing so. I too hadn't been on in awhile. I voiced my opinion about wanting a new mod on the discussion revolt and was attacked, misquoted and sent nasty PM from a few unsavory people. 

crystal --- 7 years ago -

Thats absolutely ridiculous! The site was doing very well in my opinion and its not worth coming on anymore to read drama and name calling. How shameful that someone is instigating these happenings :( 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

Christine, you need to quit playing the "I am so innocent" card. YOU attacked ME. I had not even mentioned your name. You think it's fine for you to attack other people (by calling it your opinion) but then they better not come back at you. You need to go back and read your first post in regards to this matter and read all the posts prior and you see for yourself who attacked first.

Also, you are certainly welcome to post any PM that I sent you rather than continuing with the "woe is me" line. I bet you have yet to apologize to that girl for bringing her name into this.

You talk like you hate drama, but you just keep on with the comments. You just need to SHUT UP. Nobody needed to respond to this topic, but for some reason you felt you needed to so here we go again. Just keep wah wah wahing. Unsavory is the right word... for you. 

Christine --- 7 years ago -

No, I gave my opinion regarding moderator. As people can tell from your biting words and posts, you are causing unnecessary drama. I am innocent and I was just answering another person's question. 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

When you gave "your opinion" on the moderator, you had NO reason whatsoever to say anything about me, and ESPECIALLY not the way you said it. If you felt a certain way about the other two you mentioned then fine, that's all you needed to say. But instead you wrote: "I don't think BamaFan should be the moderator as she clearly has an agenda and is obviously friends with Barbara, who has over 13 complaints filed against her at the Police Department with regards to this site and others." WOW, how innocent and how non-drama filled.

I hate to say it but you are just an obtuse person if you think that you are sooooo innocent and cause no drama whatsoever. As I said, you need to reread YOUR posts and realize that YOU are just a Drama Queen at heart and you secretly love it, so much so that you will bring truly innocent names into YOUR arguments to make YOU feel better about yourself.

By the way, where's that PM? If you felt it was so nasty then you need to post it. All it did was tell the truth about YOUR defamation of an innocent person, but you can't seem to handle the truth or admit you were wrong about something. 

Trina --- 7 years ago -

And me being accused of sending nasty PMs and I hardly ever sign in here.

Eyes are upon the issues and it is being looked into by folks from the base. 

Christine --- 7 years ago -

No because that just continues the drama. You don't know me and can think what you will. I have learned that arguing too much with people like you goes no where. 

crystal --- 7 years ago -

Wow im so sorry that no one has anything better to do with their time anymore. This is High school behavior. He said/She said, He hurt my feelings/she hurt his feelings. Looks like these looser trolls got what they wanted huh? 

Amanda --- 7 years ago -

This "he said, she said" back and forth bs needs to stop. In my opinon, one of you just needs to stop responding to the other. I don't think anyone cares who does it, but this is absolute insanity. You have both said your peace so let it be done. 

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