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Yard sale lady

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Amanda --- 8 years ago -

Hey I wanted to worn everyone there was a lady at the yard sale today saying her stuff was brand new an it has it's tags on it. I got them home an looked at them the tags where re stuck to the clothes with a retail tag gun. I know this becuase I worked at target for 3 years and used one everyday. She charged me $12.00 for a shirt. I just wanted to warn everyone becuase there will be anouther yard sale on base in June. 

Barbara --- 8 years ago -

Isn't that how they put tags on it at the store? Were the clothes worn? 

Amanda --- 8 years ago -

Yea thats how we would replace the tags. I believe they had been worn. Atleast one of the shirts I bought had been washed. 

Barbara --- 8 years ago -

Good to know. Thanks for the warning 

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