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culture shock

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Jewels --- 7 years ago -

Hi. We just moved to here to Alamo a few weeks ago from the humid state of Arkansas. We went from greenery everywhere, with land and horses, to a suburban home with desert and mountains. I was just wondering how someone who is now a stay at home mom could make friends in this area with similar interests?
Also any information on trailrides (horse) that supply the horses for you. All I've been able to find are places giving riding lessons, and we really don't need those. One of the hardest things we've had to do during our move was to give our horses to family.

Any advice or friendships accepted. :)


Leah --- 7 years ago -

Hi Julie!
I know what you mean about culture shock! We moved from Kentucky to here two years ago--Though I have to say I LOVE not having any humidity! It's wonderful!
If you are able to get on base, there's a group on facebook called Holloman Hotammommies. They have playgroups at the pool once or twice a week, and at the splash park once or twice a week. You should request to join! There's also another group on facebook called Holloman AFB Wives, you can ask to join that one as well (or add me on FB and I'll add you to the group).

How old is your little one(s)? I have a two month old son so I know what you mean about needing friends and things to do!

I don't know all the info, but there are horse stables here on base. I'm sure one of the ladies around here will help you out with that :) 

Jewels --- 7 years ago -

Hi Leah,
My hair agrees with the lack of humidity, so I use that to try to keep positive. We've been on base a few times, but mostly to the BX or DEERS office. I will definatley look up those groups, I have a three year old who's dying to make some friends. Thank you for the info, and if your ever bored feel free to send me a message. 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

Flying M Ranch Trail Rides Link 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

Horseback Riding Near Cloudcroft Link 

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