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Preschool Info Please

who's talking here?

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Jewels --- 7 years ago -

Hi everyone. I've been looking everywhere trying to find a quality preschool that balances a teaching curriculum and play time for kids. As much as I'd love to send my son to a private christian academy, we can't afford that. Is there any suggestions that might come close but that is state funded? 

Amanda --- 7 years ago -

My son is going to be going to North elementary it seems like they have a well balance between learning and play time I dont know yet until he starts thou. The play ground is the nicest one tho has two big trees for shade for the kids. 

armed and lovely --- 7 years ago -

my daughter went to yucca. the thing with yucca and north though is they have to be developmentally delayed and test into the program. they are wonderful schools and free. 

Jewels --- 7 years ago -

Really? Developmentally delayed, I thought it was a public school. Yucca is the one we are closest to. I know they are an elementary, and had hoped they had had a preschool too. My son is almost 4, but there's no developmental issues.
If we were to get more info from them, would it be better to call or ask in person? (If you couldn't tell, I'm new to the whole starting school thing, lol)


armed and lovely --- 7 years ago -

preschool is not a requirement here so they only provide it to children who need to have it. my daughter got in for speech therapy. if you want to see if your son can get in, you call the special education dept. sometimes they take a few kids who are not delayed if they have openings in the classes. 

BamaFan --- 7 years ago -

New Mexico PreK Initiative Link

Perhaps the above will help you out Jewels.

The map has not been updated since 2009, so I feel fairly sure that there are others available now. But both Headstart or "HELP" programs in Alamogordo and LaLuz are always included. 

a2817310uu --- 7 years ago -

My oldest went to full house on florida, and now my youngest is getting ready to start pre k there. I love it there and so do the kids 

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