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Is My Tiffany Bracelet Real tiffany braclets
Is My Tiffany Bracelet Real
0Cheryl Cirelli
By Cheryl Cirelli
0charm braceletIs it real or a knockoff? If you find yourself questioning -- is my Tiffany bracelet real? -- you need some tips on determining its authenticity. There are many replicas floating around that claim to be the real deal when, in fact, they are not. If you educate yourself on what to look for you can avoid ending up with a fake.

Is My Tiffany Bracelet Real?
Tiffany & Co. is known for their high quality items. Tiffany bracelets are popular among women and are highly coveted. There are also many fake and imitation pieces and more continue to be produced. The high demand for Tiffany jewelry is the reason, and many do not want to pay the price that come along with these quality pieces. There are several ways to determine if the bracelet you are interested in is an authentic Tiffany.

Check out the following guidelines:
Tiffany & Co. jewelry comes in their signature little turquoise blue box. It comes with a velvet drawstring bag inside the box and is finished with a white satin ribbon. This is the only packaging that is used by Tiffany. If it comes in something other than this, it is a red flag that the jewelry is fake.
Tiffany does not have sales and does not discount their pieces. Nor are there outlet stores. If the deal you are getting seems to good to be true, then it most likely is.
All Tiffany jewelry is made in the USA. It is not produced in China or any other country.
Tiffany solders the links on their pieces. They are never pinched together. It is almost impossible to tell where the link starts or ends since the soldering is very smooth and precise.
Each and every piece of jewelry is stamped with the Tiffany & Co. mark and the mark of the metal. Some examples include Tiffany & Co. 925, or T & Co. 925. Some pieces may be marked with date of the trademark as well.
Tiffany tag bracelets are made of .925 sterling silver. This means the bracelet will feel heavy. If you are able to hold the bracelet and it feels light, then it is not authentic.
Tiffany's engraving is always clear and sharp. It should not be hard to read or blurred. The font used is thin and precise. If the font you see is wide or sloppy, be aware that this is a fake.
If you are uncertain of the authenticity of your bracelet and are still are asking -- is my Tiffany bracelet real? -- then take it to a store and ask them to authenticate the piece. You can also compare it to a picture on the official Tiffany website. You should be able to see if it looks like it should and has the necessary markings.

Remember that Tiffany & Co. only uses the finest materials. They do not use fake gemstones or inferior metals. They use gold, silver and platinum in their designs. The metal is never plated or filled.
Popular Tiffany Bracelets
If you are interested in an authentic bracelet from Tiffany & Co., some popular styles include the following:
Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm Bracelet is done in sterling silver and measures 7.5" long. It is priced at $210.
Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Toggle Bracelet in done in sterling silver. It is 8" long and closes with a toggle that is engraved with the words Tiffany & Co. It is priced at $290.
Tiffany & Co. Bangle is both chic and timeless. It is done in sterling silver. It comes in medium which fits wrists up to 6.25" or in large for wrists up to 6.75". The outside of the bracelet is smooth and the top is engraved with Tiffany & Co. It costs $325.
T & Co. Disc Charm and Bracelet is an all time favorite. The charm has a black enamel finish and is made from sterling silver. The bracelet is made from round links and is also done in sterling silver. The charm and bracelet are sold separately. The charm is priced at $115 and the bracelet at $130.
Ending Thoughts
Is my Tiffany bracelet real is a question that many people may be asking themselves. Before making a purchase from a source other than Tiffany, check out some simple guidelines to help you determine if you are getting the real deal.

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0tiffany braclets
Attorney Necklaces
0Sterling silver lawyer's gift necklace with finely detailed scales of justice pendant on a sterling silver rope chain.
Jewelry for Counsel offers an exclusive collection of attorney jewelry that is custom designed and crafted of fine quality materials. Created for the legal professional, our designs have a classic elegance.
We have attorney jewelry in sterling silver, 14kt gold, pearls, and genuine gemstones. Choose a special piece of jewelry for a law school graduation gift that will be uniquely different, and the giver much appreciated!
Pieces in our collection will make wonderful gifts for lawyers, or choose one for yourself.
Be sure to see our attorney bracelet designs, too. And for some special 'extras' we also offer a special line of accessories.

0Sterling silver attorney's gift necklace with Scales of Justice pendant on rope-bordered bail and cut curb chain
Carpe diem Attorney's Necklace
Scales of justice necklace with in sterling silver. The balance arms have beautiful detail and balances are free-moving. 3 lengths.

0Sterling silver lawyer's gift necklace with detailed scroll station and Scales of Justice pendant on a rolo chain
10kt Gold & Diamond Scales
New! 10kt yellow gold scales set with diamonds. A beautiful new necklace in a graceful style.
$385.00 - $395.00

0Engraved scales of justice on genuine black onyx set in a sterling silver pendant.
Silver Filigree Attorney's Necklace
A simple Scales of Justice pendant hangs from a beautiful filigree-work centerpiece.

0Sterling silver omega necklace with filigree sliding bail and the scales of justice.
Engraved Black Onyx Necklace
Genuine black onyx engraved with the scales of justice. Sterling silver filigree setting.

014kt gold movable scales of justice pendant on a gold rope chain.
Omega Slide Necklace
A beautiful filigree bail with the scales of justice slides along this 4mm sterling omega necklace.
$160.00 - $170.00

0White freshwater rice pearl and designer sterling beads attorney's gift necklace with sterling scales pendant
14kt Movable Scales Pendant
Beautifully detailed scales of justice in 14kt gold with movable balance arms. The rope chain is included.
$240.00 - $250.00

0Attorney gift - sterling silver movable Scales of Justice pendant on a sterling popcorn chain
De Jure Attorney Necklace
Culture white rice pearls and sterling silver. Sterling designer beads and a scales of justice pendant.
$175.00 - $195.00

0Sterling silver chain necklace with textured scales of justice pendant
Ex Parte Necklace
A highly polished, movable Scales of Justice pendant with a newer look. The pendant hangs on a lovely white sterling popcorn chain.

0Natural blue lapis lazuli necklace with an engravable scales of justice pendant.
The Republic Attorney Necklace
A medium weight sterling silver chain necklace. The textured pendant hangs from a toggle closure. Back is engravable.
$150.00 - 160.00

0Sterling silver scales of justice pendant with a patterned engravable disc on a diamond cut bead chain.
Lapis Lazuli Necklace
Beautiful natural blue lapis lazuli in a classic style necklace with sterling spacers to highlight the stone. Back of pendant is engravable.
$235.00 - $255.00

014kt gold scales of justice necklace with a triangular shaped design.
Ad lucem Necklace
A patterned engravable disc highlights this sterling scales of justice pendant. The disc is engravable on the back, engraving included.

014kt gold scales of justice pendant for attorneys.
14kt Gold Triangular Scales Necklace
Classic scales of justice necklace with a triangular shaped design. Chain included.
$210.00 - $220.00

014kt white gold scales of justice necklace for lawyers.
14kt Yellow Gold Scales
A traditional styled scales of justice in yellow gold. The pendant is 2 dimensional. Chain included.
$235.00 - $245.00

0Sterling silver double chain necklace for lawyers with engravable scales of justice pendant.
14kt White Gold Scales
A traditional styled scales of justice in white gold. The pendant is 2 dimensional. Chain included.
$235.00 - $245.00

0Credit cards and Paypal accepted.
Sterling Double Chain Necklace
Two complimenting sterling silver chain styles hold a hammered-look center station. Engravable back.
$160.00 - $170.00

0Credit cards and Paypal accepted.
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